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Bathroom Countertops in Florida

Remodeling or redesigning your home is an experience that is equal parts pleasant and stressful. Bathroom redesigns, in particular, involve lots of difficult decisions that must account for both appearance and functionality. You need to pick a paint swatch that goes with that shower curtain you love, choose between a shower or tub, and narrow down the perfect finish for the cabinets. However, among the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to a bathroom remodel concerns the countertops. Bathroom countertops are what brings the design of the entire space together. Some homeowners choose them to match an existing aesthetic, and others design their whole bathroom around a gorgeous natural stone countertop. Whatever your style preferences are, Gaia Stone Gallery is a leader in bathroom countertops throughout Florida. Our five showrooms feature the highest-quality natural stone products available today. Our interior design experts will help you sort through your bathroom countertop options.

Choose the Perfect Custom Bathroom Countertop

Picking the perfect bathroom countertops comes with its own list of considerations. Before you settle on a custom countertop you love, make sure to think about all the functions your space will need to serve. The experts at Gaia Stone Gallery advise our patrons to think about the following:

Amount of Use

If several people will be sharing this bathroom, the ideal bathroom countertop is likely one that can withstand lots of wear and tear without showing damage. Especially if children will be frequenting the area, it’s essential to choose materials that resist damage and stains. Even if you’re the only one using the bathroom, your bathroom countertops will still need to withstand a slew of potential staining agents. Products like makeup, hairspray, medicines, and more may leave their mark on your custom countertops.

Maintenance Concerns 

No matter how much traffic your redesigned bathroom needs to accommodate, it will undoubtedly be the site of mess and clutter. When subjected to toothpaste, hair dye, and other hygiene and beauty products, some countertop varieties are prone to staining. That’s why maintenance is a crucial factor in determining which countertops you want to install. Some types of natural stone countertops require more maintenance than others. Decide beforehand how often you’re willing to perform upkeep. However, keep in mind that occasional maintenance often sustains the natural beauty of stone bathroom countertops.

Resale Value

Make sure to consider how long you plan to stay in your current home. If this is your forever home, it makes sense to choose a custom bathroom countertop matched exactly to your preferences. However, if you’re planning to sell in the future, it’s in your best interest to choose natural stone countertops that will also appeal to potential buyers. Perhaps reddish-black countertops are perfect for you, but they may not garner as much resale value as a classic gray granite.

Make Room for Your Bathroom Vanity’s Sink

Whether your bathroom showcases a standalone vanity or countertops that run the length of the space, picking the ideal stone is vital to the look of the bathroom. The interior designers at Gaia Stone Gallery have worked with many Florida homeowners looking to add a custom bathroom vanity to their home. Dedicated vanities come with additional advantages. Most importantly, your bathroom vanity countertops should be able to cater to the sink. Whether you choose the materials for your sink or natural stone countertops first, their styles should coexist. Fortunately, making sure your sink works well with your new custom countertops has never been easier than with our kitchen visualizer. This tool allows you to create an image of your ideal bathroom and work from there. The skilled interior designers at our Florida showrooms will help you decide which sink and natural stone countertop combinations work best with your personal style.

Granite for Custom Bathroom Vanity Countertops

As one of the most sought-after materials for natural stone countertops, granite lives up to the hype. Its reputation for grandeur and sophistication rings true in all rooms of your home, but especially the bathroom. When you’re choosing the perfect bathroom countertop, every homeowner should consider granite. This natural stone is famed for its incredible durability. Granite resists scratches and stains as well, so this natural stone is an excellent choice for high-traffic bathrooms. Besides withstanding most scratches, granite bathroom vanity tops will also stand up against heat. You won’t have to worry about sitting your hot curling iron or blow dryer on your countertops and causing damage.

Live in Luxury with Marble Bathroom Countertops

If you’re looking for a natural stone countertop unparalleled in its elegance and sophistication, marble is the material for you. Marble is famed for its beauty and versatility. After all, it’s been used for centuries to create some of the most acclaimed works of art and construct the most recognizable world heritage sites. Marble withstands chips and dents that come as a result of natural wear and tear. However, choosing marble for your bathroom countertops means you’ll have to be more careful about exposing it to staining agents.  Ask our experts if marble custom countertops are the ideal choice for your Florida home.

Durability and Elegance Meet with Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is a natural stone with veining similar to that of elegant marble countertops. If your bathroom sees lots of traffic, quartzite is a natural stone that can stand up to the constant use without chipping. Using quartzite for your custom countertops means increased heat resistance, as well as minimizing the risk of etching over time. Bathroom vanities with quartzite countertops also withstand damage from UV rays. Your countertop won’t lose its shine or darken, even when left in direct sunlight all day. Quartzite bathroom countertops from Gaia Stone Gallery give you the best of both worlds: durable materials and unsurpassed sophistication. The interior designers at any of our five Florida showrooms will take you through your quartzite options.

Colors and Veining to Match Any Design Preferences 

Once you’ve decided on which natural stone countertop is right for your Florida home, here comes the part you’ve been waiting for—choosing from the beautiful colors and textures at Gaia Stone Gallery. At each of our five Florida showrooms, we have something for everyone. We feature a wide array of natural stone slabs, any one of which could be perfect for your custom bathroom countertops. Any natural stone you choose will give you the benefit of stunning beauty in a vast selection of styles.

·        Granite: If you’ve chosen granite for your bathroom countertops, you’ll have no shortage of options at Gaia Stone Gallery. Go with something classic like White Galaxy for a taste of luxury without risking garishness. However, our more adventurous patrons may prefer something like Normandy. This natural stone comes in a vibrant burnt sienna shade with dark veining throughout. No matter your style, there’s a granite slab with your name on it.

·        Marble: Choosing from the array of marble bathroom countertops at Gaia Stone Gallery is no easy task. Each of our slabs has a unique and beautiful veining, and picking a favorite is difficult. Many of our clients who look for clean, classic marble rave about Calacatta Apuano. This premium slab is a pure white streaked with gray. If white isn’t your style, try Grey Cloud. Its rich blacks with wavy gray and white veins will complete your bathroom with elegance.

·        Quartzite: Our selection of quartzite bathroom countertops is perfect for intrepid designers looking for unique colors and veining. Our Lake Louise variety combines light blue waves with copper shading on top, while Mustang slabs take on the appearance of beech wood. 

Your Experts in Bathroom Vanities and Countertops

Bathroom countertops are arguably the most important part of any bathroom remodel. Let the experts at Gaia Stone Gallery help you make the perfect selection among our natural stone varieties. We’re happy to help clients who have their design figured out already or those who only have the beginnings of an idea. Our Florida staff is made up of experienced interior designers who have assisted many a satisfied client in developing their very own custom bathroom countertops. We’ll help you navigate colors, veining, and natural stone varieties along the way to deciding on your perfect fit. Contact us today to start narrowing down your slew of natural stone options.

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