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Exquisite Kitchen Countertops in Florida

You use your kitchen every day, whether you’re preparing a three-course dinner or merely walking through to grab a quick snack. Because the kitchen is such an integral part of your home, you should never compromise on its design. Your countertops are among the most important components of the kitchen. A countertop can make or break a space, both in terms of appearance and function. Few countertop materials can compete with the look and practicality of natural stone countertops from Gaia Stone Gallery. No matter which type of stone you choose for your custom countertops, you’re sure to come away with a countertop that serves all your needs. Visit any of our five Florida showrooms for an idea of how your kitchen countertops could look.

Natural Stone Countertops Fashioned from Marble

Marble kitchen countertops are your best bet for something high-end that will make your whole kitchen look expensive and upscale. Natural stone countertops from marble are unmatched in their beauty. Each slab comes with unique veining that won’t be replicated in any other slab. Marble is an excellent type of kitchen countertop if you’re looking for something that will make your kitchen’s design truly one-of-a-kind. After all, marble has been used to construct some of the most prevailing works of art and buildings of the ancient world (i.e., Michelangelo’s Statue of David and the Taj Mahal). Marble from Gaia Stone Gallery is also ideal as a kitchen countertop for its ability to resist heat. If you accidentally place a hot pan on your countertops made from marble, you need not worry about unsightly burns or damage in your Florida kitchen. Marble is among the best kitchen countertop materials for its heat-resistance, uniqueness, and splendor.  

Granite Kitchen Countertops to Last Decades

Ask around about the best kitchen countertops, and you’ll undoubtedly hear granite’s praises sung far and wide. Granite certainly lives up to its reputation, too. This natural stone makes for countertops with durability that rivals diamonds. If you cook often, you know that occasional stray knife marks are a reality. With granite countertops, you won’t constantly need to worry about knife damage. Of course, it’s a bad idea to strike your countertop directly, but the stray knife stroke here and there won’t cause visible harm to granite. The granite slabs at Gaia Stone Gallery are known to resist chipping and cracking and can last decades. Plus, granite’s hardness and lack of pores make for a kitchen countertop that doesn’t facilitate mold growth or hold stains. If the maintenance benefits weren’t enough to install granite kitchen countertops in your Florida home, they also come in countless colors and textures, each slab featuring a unique pattern.

Don’t Compromise with Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Many of our clients at Gaia Stone Gallery are met with a dilemma when choosing the best kitchen countertops. We provide a wide selection of quartzite kitchen countertops. Quartzite appears much like marble but features durability that comes in higher on the Mohs scale than granite. Custom countertops made from quartzite boast heat- and scratch-resistance, so any natural wear-and-tear from cooking won’t affect your quartzite. Moreover, quartzite countertops resist damage and discoloration from UV rays. Let natural light into your kitchen at all hours of the day and behold as your quartzite doesn’t give into unsightly color changes.

Sorting Through Your Custom Countertop Options

With so many excellent custom countertops to choose from, how do you ever choose just one? If you’re having trouble deciding between natural stone, we don’t blame you! However, you can always trust the interior design experts at Gaia Stone Gallery to give you tips for selecting your perfect fit. We advise that you consider the following before deciding on the perfect natural stone for your custom kitchen countertops:

Who Will Be in the Kitchen?

If you live alone, you can likely skip this consideration. However, if you have children, you’ll want to think about how they use the kitchen. Perhaps you have young children who enjoy helping out with cooking. If this is the case, you may want to consider a custom kitchen countertop that doesn’t hold stains or show marks.

What Will I Do in the Kitchen?

While the answer to this question seems simple, it’s essential to think about exactly what you’ll be using the countertops for. If you frequently cook with hot pans and need to set them on the counter, make sure to select a natural stone variety with exceptional heat-resistance, like granite. Other types of kitchen countertops, like marble, are ideal for bakers. Marble tends to stay cool, which is necessary for rolling cookie dough or stirring up some rich ice cream.

What Other Design Elements Are in My Kitchen?

Make sure to consider the pre-existing design elements in your kitchen or any changes you’d like to make in the future. For example, if you have a colorful, vivid mosaic backsplash, you probably don’t want a natural stone variety with lots of colors. On the flip side, if your cabinets are a pure white, you may want to take a more adventurous route with vibrant kitchen countertops. In any case, be sure you know how all the elements of your kitchen will look together once everything is installed.

Add a Kitchen Island for Maximum Space and Function

Kitchen islands are a staple of modern kitchen design. They’re often sought after for the way they maximize cooking space, add storage, and give the room a high-class feel. Gaia Stone Gallery can help you decide the size and layout of a new island, or we can replace an old kitchen island countertop with beautiful natural stone. Don’t make do with insufficient counter space when you could use every square inch to its fullest with a kitchen island. Experiment with islands and other kitchen elements using our visualizer tool.

Leave No Stone Unturned in Kitchen Countertop Design

At Gaia Stone Gallery, we never skimp on the details of your kitchen countertops. When designing your perfect custom kitchen countertops, don’t forget to think about the edges. Considering all your options for the edges of your countertops makes for a thorough design that leaves no box unchecked. You could select the traditional eased edge for a squared-off look. But if you want something a little more unique, ogee edges may be a perfect choice. These edges combine modern lines and whimsical curves to give your kitchen countertops an upscale look. By no means are these your only two choices for edges. Explore our options for edges using our kitchen visualizer.

Whatever Custom Countertop Design Suits Your Fancy

Once all the details are sorted out as far as materials, shape, and size, it’s time for the enjoyable part—design! Natural stone comes in an array of colors, and not just the ones you’d expect from stone. Of course, you’ll have your pick of traditional greys, blacks, and white, but natural stone has much more to offer than just those. Our Serata variety of granite adds a pink touch to your kitchen countertops. Though marble is typically white or grey, you can choose a Zelini slab with intertwined veins of sea green and burnt sienna. Quartzite features some of the most ambitious veining and colors. Santorini mimics the look of brush strokes in deep grey, and Blue Roma resembles cracked glass. Whichever slab in our Florida showrooms that strikes your fancy, it will look stunning as your kitchen countertop.

Start Designing Your Custom Kitchen Countertops Today

Redesigning your kitchen can be a hassle, considering all the elements to account for and arrangements to make. Navigating the world of natural stone countertops can be challenging. But make no mistake—you deserve only the best kitchen countertops, and the experts at Gaia Stone Gallery are here to help. You shouldn’t have to settle for subpar materials that can only mimic the look of natural stone; you deserve the real thing. Our selection of granite, marble, quartzite, and more is sure to include the perfect slab for your kitchen countertops. You can rest assured you have a kitchen countertop unique to your home when you choose natural stone. Visit one of our Florida showrooms today or contact us to inquire about the design process.  


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