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Custom Marble Countertops at Five Florida Locations

From the Taj Mahal to the Statue of David, marble has been used for centuries to create some of the most stunning works of art and architecture. Today, marble is used far and wide to fashion fabulous countertops for kitchens, bathroom vanities, and more. Though countertops are certainly functional, there’s no denying that gorgeous marble countertops are an art form. At Gaia Stone Gallery, we’re dedicated to providing Florida with custom marble countertops that compromise on neither functionality nor artistry. Visit our showroom or online gallery for inspiration in designing your very own custom marble countertops.

Know the Facts on Marble Countertops’ Durability

If you’ve spent some time researching marble countertops, you may have found a lot of conflicting information on the durability of this beautiful natural stone. Some sources say marble isn’t strong enough for use in the kitchen, and others insist that it will last decades. Gaia Stone Gallery is here to sort through the misinformation and give you the real story on marble countertops. Marble is naturally porous and soft. That means spills and acids from certain foods can seep into marble countertops and stain them. They can be scratched and chipped with cookware as well. However, when properly maintained, marble can last just as long as other popular natural stone countertops.

Beat the Heat and Stay Cool with Marble Countertops

Custom marble countertops work well for kitchens and bathrooms because of their ability to adapt to different temperatures. Marble is naturally heat-resistant. While it’s not a good idea to set a pot of boiling water directly on your marble countertops, a hot curling iron or flat iron won’t cause damage. Indirect contact with heat won’t mar your marble’s color either. It’s ideal for installation next to an oven, stove, or fireplace, as it won’t discolor from adjacent heat. On the opposite end of the spectrum, custom marble countertops are excellent for keeping cool. Marble naturally maintains a colder temperature than other natural stone countertops, making it ideal for baking. Your marble kitchen countertops will be as practical as they are beautiful!

Remarkable Beauty in a Spectrum of Colors

Marble countertops offer excellent functionality, whether installed in the bathroom or kitchen. However, what really draws homeowners to this natural stone is its remarkable beauty and high-class reputation. Marble makes for luxurious custom countertops in nearly any color you could want. When most people think of marble, they picture something like Bianco Rhino, white with smudges of beige. This slab is ideal for the traditionalist who’s looking for a simple touch of beauty without all the bells and whistles. Black marble is also a dazzling option for homeowners looking for more pop – Grey Cloud or Mar del Plata are fantastic choices. Gaia Stone Gallery has something for even the most ambitious Florida homeowner. Marble in our Zelini style packs a punch with a deep sea green and caramel streaks. No matter which slab you choose for your custom countertops, marble is sure to enhance your space with an air of elegance and sophistication. Moreover, no two marble slabs are exactly the same, so you’ll enjoy your kitchen or bathroom, knowing that it’s truly unique.

Maintain Your Custom Marble Countertops’ Luster

Once your marble countertop installation is complete, you’ll want them looking pristine for as long as possible. Even though marble is softer than other natural stones like granite, marble will last you decades if properly maintained. There are only a few maintenance precautions you’ll need to take:

·        Sop up spills right away: Because of marble’s porous quality, spills can seep into the stone and lead to permanent staining. If you clean up quickly enough, your marble countertops will come out good as new.

·        Use soap and water: Cleaning your marble countertops is simple. You need only use warm water and mild soap to restore your kitchen or bathroom countertops’ shine. Make sure not to scrub too hard and use a soft cloth.

·        Stay away from acids: Never use an acid-based cleaner on marble countertops. Acidic solutions tend to cause etching and cracking and dull marble’s shine. Even a slice of a citrus fruit left on custom marble countertops for too long will weaken their luster.

Design Your Marble Countertops with Gaia Stone Gallery

Marble countertop’s upscale color and veining impress even the haughtiest guest, and their temperature-control qualities make for an excellent cooking surface. Whether you’re interested in marble for bathroom or kitchen countertops, rest assured you’re making a sound decision. Browse our selection of marble countertops at any of our Florida locations. Our experts can help you narrow down your options and help you get started on a marble countertop installation. Design a kitchen or bathroom you’ll love with custom marble countertops. Contact us today for more information.


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