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Yes. What can be greener than a product that comes directly from the earth?

The composition of the material is not the single factor. There are a few factors that will affect in the cost of the material such as: the scarcity of that material, the beauty, the color, the quality of the quarry, how easy it is to get the material in the USA, and so on.

Natural stone is 100 % recyclable! No other building material is as recyclable.

No, we are a supplier. In case you don’t have a fabricator yet, we work with a large number of fabricators and we can help you find one and get your slabs fabricated and installed by them.

YEAH! Natural stone will last for at least 100 years.

The more prepared you come, the easier it will be for us to help you choose the perfect match.

Researchers confirmed that natural stone does not directly emit VOCs.

We normally can deliver within 48 hours. Before you leave, you will get a delivery date to your material.

Always use a neutral cleaner, keep it simple. Use a clean and soft cloth for best results. Do not use any acids.

Cash, check, wire transfer and major credit cards.

If you want to be on the safe side, Yes. Sealing acts more as a repellent rather than a sealer, making the stone more stain resistant. We recommend sealing your stone every year.

Material can come in both thickness, the way its fabricated will change a bit, in order to get different types of edges. Prices for 3/4” (2cm) are slighter cheaper.

The best way to prevent getting your stone stained is by using a good and reliable sealer. We recommend and we work with DryTreat. It gives a 25 years warranty for homeowners. In our opinion is the best in the market. Remember that sealing the stone does not make the stone stain proof, it makes it more resistant to staining. Sealer does not prevent etching (marble). 

Make sure you take care by cleaning with neutral soap and water. Use a clean soft cloth for best results. 


If you need stain removal, we highly recommend you to talk to a specialist as soon as possible. The stain may occur from different agents, Oil based (grease, cooking oil, milk..), Organic (coffee, wine, food..), Metal (iron, rust, copper..) and so on. Using the right technique your stone specialist should be able to remove the stain.

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Marble table top


Quartz is a mineral from Nature. It can be found in nature with a variety of colors, shape, and form. 

Quartzite x Quartz (Man-Made)

Quartzite comes from Nature, PERIOD. It's all natural, 100%! No additives, no chemicals or anything. 

Quartzite is very, very HARD! Quartz is 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Quartzite doesn't etch from all normal kitchen acids, not one bit. They are heat resistant to all normal kitchen uses. See more information on Quartzite here

 Amazonite Quartzite

Engineered stone is a man-made product! Crushed quartz mixed with polymers, resin, and chemicals is used to create a so-called, Quartz Slab. These surfaces are sold in the market as natural. It didn't come from Nature like that, for that reason, we don't consider natural. To better understand, we like to use the metaphor of engineered food (GMO or GE) in order to explain the engineered slab. It's not hard as Quartzite and its not heat resistant as the real one. 


Quartz sample 



Do not miss our great selection of Quartzite stones. You will be amazed by these beautiful natural stones. 

Every slab is unique, so, they do change. At Gaia we always sell slabs in sequence, in this case, the difference between one slab and the other is minimal.

The composition of the material is not the single factor to determine the price. There are a few factors that will affect in the cost of the material, such as the scarcity of the material, the beauty, the color, how good is the quarry, how easy is to get the material in the USA, and so on...

We will show you pictures of the other slabs, always in sequential numbers to get the perfect match. You can also see the picture and size of every slab on our live inventory. If necessary, we can schedule an appointment for viewing all the slabs in person.

As the name explains, it’s like an open book, 2 slabs or more, mirroring each other. The idea of book match slabs is to get the flow, lines, veins and movement "together" (see picture). Most of our slabs are book-matched, but, ask your Stone Specialist to make sure your slabs can be book matched or not.

bookmatch stone slabs florida

We only sell full slab, as a piece.

Every slab has its own price, the square foot price is for reference only.

Yes. Our Stone Specialist are very familiar with the industry and we can help you with our experience. If you have a drawing or a picture, we can be more assertive. Remember, if you have different angles, curves, waterfalls to be book match and so on, the number of slabs might increase.

Yes, our normal hold time is 7 days. If you need more than one week, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your need. 

Yes, your fabricator should have the right tools to refinish your slab. The cost varies from fabricator to fabricator. Talk to one of our stone specialists and we will help you. 

It depends on the material. A 3cm material weighs around 20 pounds per sq. ft, while a 2cm material weights around 14 pounds per sq. ft. Marble slabs are around 20% less. Approximately 1200 pounds for a 3cm slab and 850 pounds for a 2cm slab. 

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