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Granite is a light magmatic rock with enough coarse grains to see with the naked eye. This happens because of the slow crystallization of magma beneath the surface of the Earth. Granite consists mainly of quartz and feldspar, with small amounts of mushrooms, amphiboles and other minerals.

This mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, gray or white color with dark mineral granules visible throughout the rock.

Granite is a common type of felsic rock, imposing by its magic, granular and phaneric texture. Granites can be mainly white, pink or gray, depending on their mineralogy. The granite is classified according to the QAPF diagram for large-scale plutonic rock and is named by the percentage of quartz, alkali feldspate (orthoclase, sanidine or microcline) and plagioclase feldspar in the A-Q-P half of the diagram.

In some areas, granite is used for gravestones and monuments. Granite is a hard stone and requires craftsmanship.

It is probably best known for countertops; however, you can find granite where you can imagine. It's a simple option, easy maintenance and lots of colors and designs.

Uses of granite

For thousands of years, granite has been used indoors and outdoors. Cut and polished granite is used in buildings, bridges, sidewalks, monuments and many other outdoor projects. Inside, polished granite slabs and tiles are used in counters, tiles, stairs and many other practical and decorative elements.

  • The construction of the monument
  • Granite is used in jewelry.
  • Granite is used in the chimney and the floor.
  • Granite used in baths, shelves, tables and sinks.

Granite is used in the construction of monuments:

Sustainable buildings, such as temples, gravestones or monuments, are usually constructed of granite. Before the existence of electrical tools /equipment, granite cutting took a lot of time. It was also tiring. Therefore, the stone has only been used for important projects.

Granite is used in jewelry:

Few granite is rare and surprisingly beautiful. That's why they are used as precious stones. Used in jewelry. An example of a gemstone: a blue color found in the Himalayas called K2. Azure granite is a rare stone and is known as a gemstone.

Granite is used in fireplace mantle and floor:

If you have a fireplace in your living room, using granite can make it more attractive. An ordinary fireplace can become a central piece. Great place to meet friends and family. Moreover, if you want a perfect floor, smooth and beautiful, then granite tiles will do. There are different colors of tiles. This is the best option for allergy-prone people as it is bacteria resistant and very easy to clean. Regular cleaning and cleaning will allow the floor to remain in excellent condition.

Granite is used for bathrooms, shelves, tabletops

Use of granite for kitchen counters, shelves, bathrooms, etc. This makes it elegant. In addition to its elegance, it offers great strength and a long life. It looks elegant and easy to clean. . Granite sinks like undermount sink, angular basin, modern or pedestals sink are some of the different granite basins available. These are water resistant and maintenance is also easy.

The granite and marble industries are considered one of the oldest industries in the world; that exist since ancient Egypt.

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