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How it works: 

The process of choosing your stone can be stressful if you don’t know what to do or expect, but our stone specialists are here to help you have an easy and pleasant experience.

First, choose the stone you want, by its beauty, color, veining or maybe just because you fell in love with it… love at first sight!

nacarado slab closeup

Second, think about how it will look in your project. Are you happy with the design and look? During this phase, you should think about everything that surrounds your stone including cabinets, tiles, fireplace, furniture, etc.

natural stone showroom in Orlando, Florida

Third, choose the slabs that will be used. We have a photo of every single slab we carry in our inventory. Pictures are professional and real for every single slab. If you are still not satisfied, we can schedule a viewing in person to choose the slab that best fits your preferences.

Pink nacarado stone


Fourth, the fabrication shop will now start the work on your slabs. You should receive the layouts of your drawings on the slabs for your approval.

Fifth, after the layout is approved and your material is fabricated, you will be contacted to schedule the installation.

nacarado sink

Sixth, time to celebrate! Invite your friends and family over for a great moment of joy. Don’t forget to invite us, we will bring some Italian wine ;)

nacarado stone wall

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