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Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, usually calcite or dolomite. Marble is not usually foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term "marble" refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in the walls usually includes unmetamorphosed limestone.Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.

Natural stones are considered a luxury option for decorating buildings. Natural appearance, natural beauty and respect for the environment make natural stones an ideal material for interior and exterior decoration. Of all natural stones, marble is at the top. It is the most famous natural stone used largely by architects, sculptors and designers throughout the history of human civilization. This stone is known for its beautiful appearance and its ability to make each space ten times more aesthetic. Marble being considered the king of luxury, also comes with a high prize tag.

Major uses of marble


White marble is very popular for sculpturessince classical times. This preference concerns its fineness which facilitates the etching, its relative isotropy and homogeneity and its relative resistance to fracture. In addition, a low calcite index allows the light to penetrate the rock several millimeters before its dispersion, giving a characteristic waxy appearance that gives life to marble sculptures of all kinds, which is why many sculptors prefer and still prefer marble design.

Building marble

The marble construction is a stone composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine that can be polished. More common in construction, especially in the dimension of stone trade, the term "marble" is used for any rock of crystalline calcite (and some rocks without calcite) useful as a building stone.

Types of marble

Marble has a vast list of species, as the appearance of this stone varies from place to place and is transformed into impurities, elements and general environments. Marble has many different types, depending on its color and the intensity of the veins. The price of marble types also varies considerably depending on these factors. Here are few types of marble:

Marble Calacatta

Calacatta marble is considered the most luxurious type of marble because of its rarity,due to its unusual character, Calacatta marble is at the top of the marble hierarchy. It comes in the form of tiles, pavers and slabs. However, Calacatta tiles can easily be combined with any color combination.

Talathello or beige silver marble

Talathello marble has a light gray background with different shades of silver and beige in its structure. This marble is perfect for a brilliant change in space, such as paths and terraces.

Emperador marble

Emperador marble is a type of Spanish marble found in light brown and dark colors. The shades of brown colors were accompanied by irregular patterns of dark gray, dramatic and gray. The dark brown tones of this marble go perfectly with pieces with furniture and accessories in gold or brass.

Marble creamy marble

Crema Marfil is another type of Spanish marble known for its beige hues, irregular patterns and variable vein intensity. It is commonly used in combination with dark colored marble or other natural stones to reduce its intensity with a light color and a uniform background. It is used for floor coverings, wall coverings and marble mosaic products.

Carrara marble

Carrara marble is the most common and cheapest type of marble on this list. It has a greyish white background with gray bands of fine feathers. The grain sample is mostly linear and smooth in appearance. Carrara marble is used by most homeowners because its economic and whitish appearance can inhabit the living space.

Levadia black marble

Black Levadia Marble is a Greek marble in black with fine grayish-white veins in the form of smoke. It is also known as black titanium marble and is typically used for countertop decorations.

Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina is a Spanish marble shining in black. It's a striking white veining that adds glamor to its appearance. This marble is appreciated by all those who love modern designs and have an incredible appearance in bathrooms, floors in general and sprays.

Comparison of marble species

As for the comparison of marble, many factors come into play. If we choose the price, the scarcity of the beads determines the price, for example, the Calacatta marble is the most expensive because of its unusual nature, while Carrara is abundant, so it is affordable for most homeowners. The softness of the stone, the percentage of impurities present and the number of imperfections on its surface are other factors that differentiate the types of marble.

There is no good or bad type of marble. You can buy any type of marble that you deem appropriate for the choice of marble, depending on the owner's taste, budget and the ability to maintain the stone.

Design Ideas with Marble


Marble in bathrooms can make a masterpiece of interior decoration. You can use marble for floors, wall decor, bathtub, countertop, sink and even on the backsplash. The possibilities are endless with the design.


There were days when the only possibilities to decorate the walls were painting and wallpaper. Decorated natural stone walls are spectacular and refreshing. The marble on the walls looks great regardless of the marble product used.


The marble floors are classy and reflect elegance regardless of the type of room. You can never go wrong in the area of apartments by using this amazing marbles. But the difficulty of many owners lies in the choice of the sample for laying the marble tile.


Marble is a versatile material for its use. It can be used to decorate walls, floors, ceilings, chimneys and splash guards. You can even decorate your outdoor spaces such as a terrace, a pool deck, a garden, a corridor, a fountain and an entrance with this stellar rock. The only thing to keep in mind is the maintenance of the marble installation. Marble fixtures should be cleaned daily with a soft, clean cloth and thoroughly cleaned with some stone-based cleaning agents at least once a week. They must be repaired and sealed twice a year to preserve their luminous appearance. If these instructions are followed, marble installations may seem completely new, even after a decade.

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