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Limestone is a Sedimentary stone, formed in the ocean or river. A Calcite made mostly of shell fragments and lime mud. Is considered a soft stone. It etches in contact with Acid (Vinegar, citrus and Wine). Limestone can be found in a variety of colors, patterns, and veins. Earth tones colors are very common.

Uses and tips:

Limestone is very versatile, most of the times are used for floor tile and building stone. Countertops are also an option, but be gentle as it can be scratched by glass and knife blades.


Marble Machia Vechia

Marble is a limestone that was heated, compressed and transformed into a Metamorphic Stone. Is calcite grains that have been crystallized together, which makes it less porous. Marble is much denser and resistant to staining compared to Limestone. The unmatched Beauty and bold colors will brake your heart.

Uses and tips:

Marble is used in anything you can imagine, from countertops to floors, from sculpture to cheese boards. Be aware that it will etch if in contact with acidic solutions. The reason why it etches is simple, Calcium Carbonate will act as a neutralizer when in contact with acid, The stomach acid medicine have Calcium carbonate in their formula for that reason, it neutralizes the acid in your stomach.

Take care of your marble and you will be in love forever. In our opinion, It gets more beautiful and original over time.

Learn more about Marble or visit our online gallery or one of our stores if you are looking for an authentic and beatiful natural stone.


Super White Dolomite

is a type of marble. Where Marble is made of pure calcite, and dolomitic marble has an extra component, Magnesium. A Dolomitic marble is harder, much more dense and lower absorptions rates when compared to regular marble.

Learn more about Dolomite and Hard Marble or visit our Product Gallery and Inspirations

Uses and tips:

Same as marble. Just easier to take care of.


Made from Calcite, same as marble and limestone. its not formed deep within the earths crust, this magnificent stone is born on the surface. Is a non-porous stone but lower resistant in comparison with Marble. Its translucent properties are great for Backlit lovers.

Uses and tips:

A masterpiece of Mother Nature. Extravagant, Luxurious, extraordinary stone. It can be used as bar tops to get the WoW factor or any other application. Remember that Onyx is fragile and its more susceptible to scratch and etch in a busy kitchen.


Sandstone is a Sedimentary stone, where sand grains were buried and pressed together. Most of the times on beaches and sand dunes.

Uses and tips:

Is the number 1 for paving applications. Exterior applications such as, barbecue areas, balconies, driveway, pool surrounds, and much more. If you feel like doing a countertop or inside application don’t be shy. Every sandstone its different, so ask one of our Natural Stone Specialist to help you with tips for maintenance.


 Quartzite Island

Quartzite is sandstone that was heated and compressed, buried deeply underneath layers of rocks. The sand grains fused together due to high temperatures, to transform into Quartzite, a metamorphic Stone made almost completely of the mineral quartz. Is resistant to acids and it won’t etch. The porosity depends on how metamorphosed the stone was. The durability, density and hardness of this stone, makes a great combination for almost any application.  Quartzite at our Natural Stone Store. 

Uses and tips:

Quartzite is great for many applications, you get the beauty of marble but without losing its natural hardness. Feel free to put in your countertop, walls, showers, floors, outside or inside.

Learn more about Quartzite or visit our online gallery or one of our stores if you are looking for an authentic and beatiful natural stone.


Amazonite Semi-Precious Stone

Nature has too many forms and stone that its kinda hard to keep up with it. There are blocks and slabs that contain natural semi-precious within the material, a perfect example is Amazonite, with shades of turquoise-green that we believe that empowers and calm the soul.   
The semi-precious stone is a natural gemstone, Agate, Sodalite, Quartz, and petrified wood are the most common in the market. Highly experienced craftsmanship work on each specific stone to put them all together with an epoxy resin to create a work of art. It can be made in a slab, furniture, pieces of art, and so on.

Uses and tips:

Most of the times the slabs are translucent, it can be backlit for that WOW look. You can apply your ideas and use at a bar counter, Kitchen Island, bathroom… is really up to your imagination. It requires care because is PRECIOUS. Enjoy it!


Granite Kitchen

Granite an igneous rock made out of 4 minerals: Feldspars, Quartz, Mica and Hornblende. Granite is hard and it won’t scratch easily. Most of the granites are not very porous, which makes it stain resistant. Another good advance is that It won’t etch. Learn more about granite or take a look at our granite slabs.

Uses and tips:

Is probably the most famous for countertops, however, you can find granite anywhere you can imagine. Its an easy choice, easy maintenance and a lot of colors and patterns to chose from. Low absorption rates is a plus.

If you want more information and detail on HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR STONE, please go to:

NAHB Natural Stone Institute FHBA Goba Sarasota Chamber of Commerce ASID Tallahassee Builders Association