The history of Quartzite mixes with the history of a man called Marcelo Moulao. I like to call him, “the man who changed the industry”. A man of beliefs, Who didn’t quit, a man who went against all odds, it was called crazy and nonsense by many. He likes to say that, Working with natural stone is for those who are lovers, that don’t believe in perfect science, but, a man who understands that Mother Nature has a lot to teach us.  


The beginning...


It all started in the year 2001, in Brazil. Marcelo Moulao, who started working in the stone industry since he was 15 years old, in the most famous city for Marble and Granite in Brazil, called Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Located in the State of Espirito Santo.


Marcelo had vast experience in opening new Quarries and finding new materials in the south of Brazil. One day, he met one of his friend who told him that he should look for new materials in North of Brazil, to find something different, exclusive and unique. Marcelo agreed and went to Ceara located in the Northeast part of Brazil. Is important to say that There wasn’t any industry or quarry in Ceara back then. Once There, he started looking for granite quarries. Nobody from the stone industry at that point knew about the existence of Quartzite. After some weeks, He found one quarry and started working with his machines and experience. 


The Challenges...


He realized that the material was way to hard to cut with his granite machines, he called a geologist and was told after some tests, that that stone was not granite but a Quartzite! It took him 2 months to find a way to quarry the first block out of the quarry. He named the material “NACARADO” (pictured above), the same name used until today. He took 8 blocks in total to the best factory/industry back then; 5 blocks were lost, they couldn’t find a way to process the block into slabs. the last 3 blocks they were able to cut it, but none of the slabs were even/straight. They were all bent, many twists; The factory owner wasn’t happy with Marcelo, it broke his machines and he had to use a lot of diamond wires to cut those 3 blocks. 


Marcelo then tried to resin and polish a few slabs, however, that wasn’t any resin or polishing machines able to work with Quartzite. He called some experts and showed to them his new discovery. They accepted the challenge and created a new resin and new polishing pads. 


Everyone was telling him to stop working with that material, it wasn’t easy to process, every industry would have to buy and invent new machines to process the blocks. The negative reasons were many, it wouldn’t sell because it was too hard, because the price would be too high... it was only one quarry, one material, not worth the investment... But, Marcelo didn’t stop! 


The Harvest...


After 6 months, Marcelo was able to have the first good quality slab. He then tried to sell the material, but nobody would buy it. He started giving blocks for free to different companies/factories to promote his material, it paid off. Almost 2 years later, the international market was in love QUARTZITE! Designers and builders were amazed by the beauty and quality/hardness of the Quartzite. The homeowners were also surprised by all its qualities and advantages. It was a SUCCESS.


 After that, more and more people joined Marcelo on the search of new quarries, and new technologies. 


Marcelo, helped the industry to change, now, we have countless Quartzites options available in the market. Very famous quartzite materials such as Madre Perola, Taj Mahal were also launched by Marcelo. 


Quartzite is durable and hardest natural stone for surfaces in the market. A big range of colors, veining, patterns, and applications. It adds a lot of value and advantages to your home or project. Use your imagination to work with this amazing material. 


Thank you, Marcelo!